Along with the education hostel gives equal importance to good health, sports and entertainment of students.
All the students of hostel wake up at 5:00am and have regular exercise.
Students are provided HOT WATER for bath.
Coaches have been appointed for sports.
Students are provided healthy and hygienic food.
Students have spacious and well designed study hall with furniture (i.e chairs and tables).
For the development and as a help to the students tuition facility is provided.
Rooms are well constructed, well furnished with the facility of beds, lockers, chairs and tables.
Required subject teachers are present in the hostel to help the students in their day to day studies.
Cleanliness in hostel is maintained regularly.
Daily routine is followed strictly in hostel as well as proper discipline is maintained by all the students.
In case of any injury and illness of students proper first aid is given, if required students are immediately taken to the hospital.
Filtered drinking water is provided 24 hrs.
Hostel students participate in each and every cultural and sports activity more in number and they are totally independent and motivated.
Hostel is well ventilated and full of fresh atmosphere.
Clothes of students are properly washed, dried and ironed.
Barber is called every week for the hair cutting of the students.
All the students in the hostel live as a single family and they are very caring, polite, honest and kind-hearted.
Enjoyable trips have been organized especially for the hostel students.
Hostel also takes care about entertainment of students by showing movies every Saturday.
Every festival is celebrated with a devotion and enjoyment with complete participation of the students and also sweets are provided to them.
In this way it looks after over all development of students.
Among the toppers of class 10th even hostellers were there. Students like Yogesh Jagtap, Kunal Tapadiya, Prasad Madrawar, Anish Magar, Shadab Pathan have scored 10/10 CGPA in 10th CBSE exam in the last academic year (2015-2016).
Total student capacity in Hostel :- 240.
This year total number of students in hostel :-110