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Mother & Assistant teacher Concept

Mother Teacher Concept:
  • It is said that, A mother is a teacher at home & a teacher is a mother at school. So at S.T.N.M.S. we have Mother Teacher and assistant teacher concept for std. 1 & 2. It means in one class there are two teachers one Mother teacher and one Assistant teacher.Mother teacher teaches all subjects in the class.

What`s the necessity?
  • The role of teacher in students life is very crucial. Students of std. 1 & 2 belongs to age group 6 to 8.

  • This concept helps to uplift the Holistic development of the student. These tiny kids need extra care, love affection and personal attention and a mother teacher only can mould them with love & discipline.

  • She can give a confidence that he/she can achieve anything in his life,because for a child teacher is everything.

  • Mother teacher concept helps in understanding the child and developing emotional bond between the teacher & learner.

  • As the student and teacher spend more time with each other. It helps a teacher to understand the strength & weakness of a student.

  • So she can focus more on the concern areas of development of a student & helps for the overall development of a school.

About Assistant Teacher:
  • When mother teacher remains busy at the Dias, assistant teacher takes a round in the class and help the child in Reading- Learning process.

  • Assistant teacher accompanies the class all the time , so she/he is also very much close to the students.

  • In case when mother teacher fails to attend the school, assistant teacher takes care of the students and their studies without disturbing their E.Q.

  • Thus through this concept the child is nurtured in a healthy environment.

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